All About Phillip Entzminger 

Born and raised in Salzburg, Germany, Philip Entzminger developed a love for sports, nature, and traveling early on. Although his family loved living in Germany, they decided to move to the United States so Phillip and his siblings could attend high quality educational institutions. Phillip attended college in New York City, and afterwards lived with his family on the East Coast. Currently, Phillip resides in Davenport, Florida with his family and works as a freelance writer.




Growing up in Germany, Phillip was able to explore and experience various beautiful cultures. However, school and work later in life got in the way of his love for traveling. Since 2015, Phillip has made it a goal to travel the world. Japan, Finland, Italy, and various parts of South Africa have only been a few of the places he has traveled to.

What Phillip Says

“My favorite place to travel has been Tokyo because the people were friendly and everything was organized.  Specifically, I enjoyed traveling to the Okutama region and then I saw the Tokyo Tower.  I spent two days on the subprefetcture of Hachijo as well.  The culture, the food, all of it was awesome!  In Finland I was a freelance writer for an online blog.  Staying in the heart of Helsinki, I reveled in the mix of both the city and the agrarian life that Finland has to offer!  If you have never had turnips in Finland, you don’t know what you’re missing!  When I went to Rome in 2017, my family and I got to make our own pasta and travel into the Vatican.  Then, in South Africa my dad took us on a safari.  In the safari park we got up close and personal with gifarres, lions, rhinoceros, elephants, hippopotamus, zebras, and antelope.  The golfing was surprisingly nice as well!”



When Phillip Entzminger is not working or traveling the world, he is listening to jazz. Harry Connick Jr., Greg Osby and Charles Gayle are just a few of his favorites. “If you’ve never listened to Connick with a cup of fresh-brewed Folgers, you don’t know what you’re missing!” Phillip’s next goal is to travel to New Orleans and experience authentic jazz.

Are you a jazz fan? Check out New Orlean’s annual Jazz & Heritage Festival. 


While Phillip is busy traveling the word, he always finds the time to play on unique courses. His favorite place to play in the U.S is the Cypress Point Club in Pebbled Beach. With the beautiful weather, what’s not to love? Furthermore, Phillip was lucky enough to return to Austria and play at the Seltenheim Golf Course Kiagenfurt- Seltenheim. “Although my golf game is not what it used to be, at one point I was around a 110.  Not bad considering knee surgery!”



Phillip has been a practicing vegan since 2017. “I am obsessed with all vegan food”, says Phillip Entzminger. “I firmly believe this diet has caused me to have better energy, clearer thinking, and renewed strength.” Although Phillip is not a “strict vegan”, he does avoid animal products as much as possible.


Phillip Entzminger is a deeply devoted Mets fan. Afterall, he did live in New York City during his post-secondary schooling. Can you blame him? His favorite player is David Wright, who has been on the team since 2013. Additionally, he was a big fan of Mike Piazza before he retired. His favorite broadcaster was Ralph Kiner. “I think Mr. Met is the coolest mascot of all time!”